Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My first blog!!

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I am a stay at home mom with a 23 yr old daughter, who is in Thailand (why? i still don't know!)
and 13 yr old boy/girl twins who will be in 8th grade. Colleen has Down syndrome, and her arrival turned our lives upside down 13 years ago and continues to do so now. When she was born I couldn't find anyone else in my situation. There were support groups for twins, moms with Down syndrome kids and regular play groups. We formed a special kids and sibs play group that was great for the moms as well, but I never knew anyone with twins, one with Down syndrome. Then this week I went on line and found several! Most have younger kids, and one suggested I start a blog that might be helpful since I've "been there, done that". So ask me questions and I'll try to help. And I'll keep you updated on my upside down life.


Shelley said...

Welcome to blogland!!! I am so pleased that you have started a blog. Can I link you on my side bar? I found that between special needs groups and a 'regular' mothers group - that at the time I thought was 'for Kit' (now I realise it was good for BOTH my babies) I never really joined any multiples groups. I know you'll love being part of the online community - there are lots of great friends to be found. I love the photo of Coleen - she is gorgeous! I guess my first question has to be - how do she and her brother get on now? And when did you start to explain the concept of DS to them? And .. and ... welcome!!

mum2brady said...

Welcome to blogging :) It sounds like you have a busy life :) I look forward to getting to know you better - Coleen is darling!!!

Beth said...

Welcome! Can't wait to read more!
I too am a mom of twins, 2 boys, one who has Down syndrome. They are 2 1/2 years old. Also have a 14 year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter.
Nice to "meet" you!

Michelle said...

I just had to come over from Shelley's blog and say hello and welcome! I don't have twins, but my daughter (4 yrs old) does have Ds.

Anonymous said...

Welcome! I just began blogging in March, and love it. I have one child - a son, Elliott, age 17 months. I think it's interesting how much you can learn and interact with all sorts of folks who you otherwise wouldn't get the chance to know but for the blog!