Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Wow, a lot has happened since 2008! My oldest daughter got married in Costa Rica and we all went down there.  Then she graduated from vet school, and now is in Denver doing an internship.  The twins have graduated from high school. Patrick is in his last semester at UW Madison. Colleen finished her school career in June 2015.  Now she is in an adult day program that offers different  seminars and volunteer opportunities, great program.  She takes the city Metrolift bus which picks her up at our door and delivers her to the program then brings her home. Jay has a new job. I have a high purple belt in Tae Kwon Do, but that has been on hold as I had both knees replace last year.

So we have survived transitioning out of school, guardianship, social security, and family care issues.  Colleen has had one work experience at a Papa Murphy's doing food prep.  I don't ever see her being gainfully employed without a job coach. She also has an art class, and is active in the ACAP players, a theater group that puts on a couple of plays a year. I like to think Colleen has a rich fulfilling life, more than I do actually.

So if you have any questions about all these transitions let me know if  I can be of some help by providing more details about my experiences.  That is if anyone checks this after so many years!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mid-year blues

Well, we've made it thru first semester already. Both kids have done pretty well. Colleen has adjusted to her constantly changing schedule due to block scheduling. But at least her classes last longer and are on a rotating schedule. She is in the resource room for math and reading and life skills, and she is in regular earth science, art and PE with support. She has made some friends in ex.ed and reg. ed. Patrick has gone to Homecoming and Sadie's dances. Colleen's friends didn't go and it is just as well since he needs some space for social events. Colleen has been in special olympics bowling and now basketball, with swimming to start soon. It is still hard to believe she is in high school already. Since she is 14, she has to come to her IEP (for 5 minutes since she hasn't a clue).
My oldest daughter is in love-never thought it would happen. She brought him over for Christmas and said it would be nice to give him a gift. So we gave him a gift card to REI to get stuff for their trip to Costa Rica. They just got back after their 2 week trip. They got along well-I figure it was a test and they both passed. He is a nice guy and they seem happy-what more could a mother want?!
I had the bleak midwinter blues until today-it is 57 degrees out. Well above our average of 34! It feels like spring and is good for my soul. We'll be back to normal by the weekend-oh well.
Sorry to be so boring, but life is crisis free right now and I'm enjoying it. Will try to update more often and maybe even post some pictures!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

OMG High School!!!

Well, it is official,my twins are in high school. Colleen takes a bus, and Patrick gets a ride and they never see each other. Yea! Colleen is doing well behaviorally and seems to like it well enough. Patrick likes it too, especially socially. He's going to Homecoming in 2 weeks with a friend. I can't believe he is old enough to go! Lots of prep to get him a dressy outfit in such a short time. Maybe I can post some pictures.

Colleen needs to have her canine teeth uncovered and repositioned in her mouth. They will access them thru the roof of her mouth,hook on a chain and hook that onto her braces that will slowly draw them to the front. Sounds painful!! She'll never eat or brush her teeth again. She will be miserable and so will I!!

Patrick has his own issues. He'd been practicing for football and hurt his back. Well a cat scan showed he had a stress fracture in his L5 vertebra so football is over for the season. He is very angry about that! He also has issues with a molar that may also need help to erupt by removing a wisdom tooth. And, he has a double ear infection. So he is not one happy camper!!

Anyway, I am enjoying the quiet time to myself. I've been put in charge of the mom's support group and am working on a schedule. It is a pretty laid back group with talk time and speakers and meals out. The retired leader had the job for years and will be a hard act to follow. Wish me luck!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

back to school

Today is the last day of summer vacation. On Monday the kids go off to high school. Yikes how did that happen??!! I've been of the phone several times with the CD leader trying to figure out Colleen's schedule. They have block scheduling-ABC days so classes are on a rotation schedule. She only is included in science, most classes are in resource rooms, and no art...heavy on the academics as well. So I'm not happy with that!! It's not what we asked for-it feels like she was slipped into her slot in a program, not having a program built around her needs. They say everything is in accordance with her IEP plan. Screw them!! So wish me and Colleen luck as school starts on the 2nd!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


One week down, ten more to go. Lack of routine is driving me nuts, but the kids are happy. Had another incident with the FM system. The audiologist called and said it was lost, and that she had to use the one time free replacement!! I was so mad!! Two weeks later she called and said she found it, and didn't need the replacement after all. so it safely sitting in a box until next school year.
Colleen is in her summer camp-40 kids and 10 adults, a 1 to 4 ratio. About half of the kids are in wheelchairs. They have lots of activities-pet therapy, art therapy, dog therapy, yoga, crafts and out- door time. Also swimming, field trips weekly. So she is busy, but Colleen wants to go to school, not camp.
Patrick is deep into baseball, with tournaments on the weekends. Few activities during the day, but not enough to keep him busy enough. Have to work in that.
We survived all the massive flooding in the area. Our basement stayed dry, but we got a new sump pump since the old one was dying. Everything else has dried up. Colleen's summer program is held in a building next to the river, and it was surrounded by water the week before camp. But the water receded and there was no damage to the building so camp wasn't disrupted.
Looking forward to some sort of routine in the near future!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You won't believe this!

Day 2 of the FM system at school,'s broken!! Colleen took it out, some kid took it and broke it then turned it into the office. I freaked, it isn't even paid for by the county yet!! Colleen was grounded from TV. I took it in and it will be repaired or replaced under warranty-thank God!!
On a high note, Megan started a real job with benefits and everything in Minneapolis!! Wooohooo!! She is living in a flat with 3 of her old college roommates, they all settled in up there. Anyway, she is working in research in the vet. school up there and seems to like it.
Gotta go and drag Colleen away from the TV.

Monday, May 19, 2008

4 weeks until summer!!

Well I am due for a bit of an update! Megan, in Minneapolis, got a real job with pay and benefits and everything. I'm so proud of her!! Things for Colleen have been good and uneventful. She had a healthy winter. Now we are gearing up for high school next year, I still can't believe it. She has visited a few times and knows several kids. I'm friends with 2 moms who each have teenage girls with Down syndrome. We get together for outings on a regular basis. We have the girls sit off by themselves and they do quite well. They all will be in the same high school, different grades, but the same resource room. That makes me fell a little less nervous. And of course her brother will be there, but he hopes to never see her for 4 years. That's too bad since I'll be driving and picking up the 2 of then together!! Patrick is deep into his baseball season, which I love. Lots of games, lots of fun, lots of travel.
We have a new gadget for Colleen. I got money from the county to use for Colleen for a FM system. Basically it is a one-way walkie talkie. She has a tiny receiver (smaller than a hearing aide) in her ear, and the teacher, or me., has a transmitter hanging around the neck(size of a nano ipod). You talk, she listens. Teachers use it in class to help her pay attention in large classrooms. I haven't figured out how to use it at home, but will over the summer. It is hidden by her hair and is so much better than headphones. Very high tech. The teachers like it a lot.
Colleen will be in full time summer camp. It is for special needs kids and is wonderful. Full of field trips, activities, and fun. Patrick has a much less structured summer and will drive me nuts. I have my activities in the am, and he has his in the pm. Should be interesting!! I'm trying to cram as much adult time these last few weeks before summer break begins.