Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The holidays are coming!!!

It is almost Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and THEN...... CHRISTMAS! Who's family do we go to, yours or mine??....Who do we have to our house??...who do we buy gifts for??.....is there some way to decorate the house once for all 3 holidays??...Hallogivingmas??.. Oh, and Megan is coming home Dec 18, but who cares. Not really, I care, haven't seen her for 1 1/2 years!!(she's been in Asia/Thailand,Laos, Cambodia, India, etc.) I hope I recognize her at the airport. So there is much to do in the next 3 months.

I'm also school shopping for high school, which makes Colleen's teacher anxious. We have 3 high schools in Waukesha, plus I'm going to 2 out of district schools and a private school. Some of this is for Patrick's needs too. Colleen's IEP is in December and I want to be ready. It may be time to get her some sort of communication system, she has an expressive speech disorder and it is time to do something besides articulation.

We buried my mom's ashes-she died in June. Colleen didn't really get it like she did at the funeral in June. We also scattered some remains in a lake we lived on. Made me think of 9/11. The remains were ashes. bone fragments, etc. I washed my hands for a week!!

Hope fall is going well for everyone.....

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Shelley said...

I love this time of year - I cleaned away all the birthday decorations and cards fromt eh twin's party yesterday so we can have a plain house until Dec when I gear it up again. Halloween isn't big here although int he little culdesac where I used to live we did have a gathering outside in honour of hte occassion.

I will be thinking of you at Christmas - I gather it is your first one without you Mum - for some reason I always think the first Christmas after losing a loved one is the hardest - glad your prodigal daughter will be home for it too.

Does Colleen use signs? Are you investigating a pecs system of communication?