Thursday, November 8, 2007

IEP's and XYZ'S

It is that dreaded time of the year again-no, not family and holiday shopping. It is time for Colleen's IEP meeting, otherwise known as the HAHAHA!!! meeting. It is complicated by the fact that Colleen will be transitioning to high school (very hard to believe). She and her brother are having problems at school, so we want them at different schools. I have looked at the 3 public and 1 private school in our city. I also looked at 2 out of district. We have open enrollment so you can go out of district if there is room. I liked 2 schools for Colleen, one out of district and one in. They both say they are full, but might make an exception due to twins. I like 2 different schools for Patrick-one private, one near our house. Then today in the paper there will be a huge budget cut in our district, which also plays into this whole thing. In the middle of all this, my prodigal daughter will return from 1 1/2 years in Asia. Plus it is the first holidays since my mom died. So we are going to Texas to see my sister before "the storm". I hope the power of prayer will get us through this time!! He's really in control anyway. Blessings to all.

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Shelley said...

Oh how I am dreading the whole schooling thing! I will be asking you for lots of help with that one - luckily it is still a year or two away. I hope it all turns out well for your twins. Happy Holidays - will say a little prayer for you all and for you Mum.