Thursday, December 20, 2007


We picked up Megan from the airport on the 18th, so she has returned after 15 months in Asia. Looks good-skinny too. Colleen was so excited to see her. Megan hasn't been around much, running errands. Has to get used to driving on the right side of the road again. Didn't seem to have jet lag, but now she is crashed on the couch. It is a little overwhelming to be here with the fast pace, consumerism and prices. Sticker shock for sure. So we all have to adjust and not trip over each other. Her stuff is all over the house, a reminder she is here-don't mind the mess for now. Glad she is back and safe.
Colleen had a hearing test and she has some permanent nerve loss in her left ear. Hearing aid would not help. So we are getting an FM system, where Colleen wears an ear piece and the teacher has a microphone. It should help with her attention as well since it lessens all the background noise of a busy classroom.
Busy getting ready for Christmas. It will be hard that it is the first one without my mom. Megan also has the first one with her grampa gone as well. And that loss is more recent for her dad's family. I don't think that one has sunk in yet.
Hope all of you have a blessed Christmas with all of your families.

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Shelley said...

I hope that your Christmas was good. Given Australia's proximity to Asia I often eat thai food - love it in fact!! I hope the fm makes a difference for Colleen - not hearing properly can have lots of other effects for her I guess so it will be good to help that problem a bit. I hope that your family has a wonderful 2008.