Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gone again

I took Megan to Minneapolis the end of Jan. and she is settling in there. Seems to love it, no job yet. The twins are good. We've had a healthy winter so far, i swear it is because we all get flu shots. It's been a very snowy winter as well. Winters have been rather mild, so this takes some getting used to. But it will be spring soon.
Both of the twins have registered for high school. Same school, different classes. Colleen will be included for a few classes: science, gym, art. She will spend a lot of time in resource rooms with kids of all abilities. I hope she gets enough individual attention. We are trying some new meds. Now she had Down syndrome, ADHD , and OCD. She's a piece of work, not your average DS child. So much she has to struggle with. But she is happy at school with her friends, more unsettled at home. She needs lots of structure, but doesn't want it. I try to pick my battles, like with any teenager. I'm thinking of going back to work as an OT, but not in pediatrics as I did before. Some of my OT friends have gone back after long childrearing breaks. I may do volunteering instead. We'll see!!!

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