Monday, May 19, 2008

4 weeks until summer!!

Well I am due for a bit of an update! Megan, in Minneapolis, got a real job with pay and benefits and everything. I'm so proud of her!! Things for Colleen have been good and uneventful. She had a healthy winter. Now we are gearing up for high school next year, I still can't believe it. She has visited a few times and knows several kids. I'm friends with 2 moms who each have teenage girls with Down syndrome. We get together for outings on a regular basis. We have the girls sit off by themselves and they do quite well. They all will be in the same high school, different grades, but the same resource room. That makes me fell a little less nervous. And of course her brother will be there, but he hopes to never see her for 4 years. That's too bad since I'll be driving and picking up the 2 of then together!! Patrick is deep into his baseball season, which I love. Lots of games, lots of fun, lots of travel.
We have a new gadget for Colleen. I got money from the county to use for Colleen for a FM system. Basically it is a one-way walkie talkie. She has a tiny receiver (smaller than a hearing aide) in her ear, and the teacher, or me., has a transmitter hanging around the neck(size of a nano ipod). You talk, she listens. Teachers use it in class to help her pay attention in large classrooms. I haven't figured out how to use it at home, but will over the summer. It is hidden by her hair and is so much better than headphones. Very high tech. The teachers like it a lot.
Colleen will be in full time summer camp. It is for special needs kids and is wonderful. Full of field trips, activities, and fun. Patrick has a much less structured summer and will drive me nuts. I have my activities in the am, and he has his in the pm. Should be interesting!! I'm trying to cram as much adult time these last few weeks before summer break begins.

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Shelley said...

Glad to have an update!! I hope HS goes well - having other kids there with DS spread over different grades would definitley help me feel less nervous about it all. Hope Megan is liking settling down!