Tuesday, September 16, 2008

OMG High School!!!

Well, it is official,my twins are in high school. Colleen takes a bus, and Patrick gets a ride and they never see each other. Yea! Colleen is doing well behaviorally and seems to like it well enough. Patrick likes it too, especially socially. He's going to Homecoming in 2 weeks with a friend. I can't believe he is old enough to go! Lots of prep to get him a dressy outfit in such a short time. Maybe I can post some pictures.

Colleen needs to have her canine teeth uncovered and repositioned in her mouth. They will access them thru the roof of her mouth,hook on a chain and hook that onto her braces that will slowly draw them to the front. Sounds painful!! She'll never eat or brush her teeth again. She will be miserable and so will I!!

Patrick has his own issues. He'd been practicing for football and hurt his back. Well a cat scan showed he had a stress fracture in his L5 vertebra so football is over for the season. He is very angry about that! He also has issues with a molar that may also need help to erupt by removing a wisdom tooth. And, he has a double ear infection. So he is not one happy camper!!

Anyway, I am enjoying the quiet time to myself. I've been put in charge of the mom's support group and am working on a schedule. It is a pretty laid back group with talk time and speakers and meals out. The retired leader had the job for years and will be a hard act to follow. Wish me luck!!

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Shelley said...

a photo would be great! Good luck with the support group - and thanks for your kind words on the loss of my Mum. As you know it is a tough one to get through.