Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mid-year blues

Well, we've made it thru first semester already. Both kids have done pretty well. Colleen has adjusted to her constantly changing schedule due to block scheduling. But at least her classes last longer and are on a rotating schedule. She is in the resource room for math and reading and life skills, and she is in regular earth science, art and PE with support. She has made some friends in ex.ed and reg. ed. Patrick has gone to Homecoming and Sadie's dances. Colleen's friends didn't go and it is just as well since he needs some space for social events. Colleen has been in special olympics bowling and now basketball, with swimming to start soon. It is still hard to believe she is in high school already. Since she is 14, she has to come to her IEP (for 5 minutes since she hasn't a clue).
My oldest daughter is in love-never thought it would happen. She brought him over for Christmas and said it would be nice to give him a gift. So we gave him a gift card to REI to get stuff for their trip to Costa Rica. They just got back after their 2 week trip. They got along well-I figure it was a test and they both passed. He is a nice guy and they seem happy-what more could a mother want?!
I had the bleak midwinter blues until today-it is 57 degrees out. Well above our average of 34! It feels like spring and is good for my soul. We'll be back to normal by the weekend-oh well.
Sorry to be so boring, but life is crisis free right now and I'm enjoying it. Will try to update more often and maybe even post some pictures!

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