Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Wow, a lot has happened since 2008! My oldest daughter got married in Costa Rica and we all went down there.  Then she graduated from vet school, and now is in Denver doing an internship.  The twins have graduated from high school. Patrick is in his last semester at UW Madison. Colleen finished her school career in June 2015.  Now she is in an adult day program that offers different  seminars and volunteer opportunities, great program.  She takes the city Metrolift bus which picks her up at our door and delivers her to the program then brings her home. Jay has a new job. I have a high purple belt in Tae Kwon Do, but that has been on hold as I had both knees replace last year.

So we have survived transitioning out of school, guardianship, social security, and family care issues.  Colleen has had one work experience at a Papa Murphy's doing food prep.  I don't ever see her being gainfully employed without a job coach. She also has an art class, and is active in the ACAP players, a theater group that puts on a couple of plays a year. I like to think Colleen has a rich fulfilling life, more than I do actually.

So if you have any questions about all these transitions let me know if  I can be of some help by providing more details about my experiences.  That is if anyone checks this after so many years!!

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